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UKUYA Natural

Puerto Marina BenalmadenaWhere love, respect for the body and nature find balance.
Create a space with yourself.
Believe in your natural beauty.

UKUYA Natural is a store of natural cosmetics, artisan soaps, candles and oils where love, respect for the body and nature find balance.

UKUYA is a Quechua name (Amerindian language mainly spoken by the Incas) that translates as loving care for the earth.

Our commitment is to offer products whose elaboration is respectful with the environment, and therefore we offer products of the highest quality for our skin in a sustainable way.

Our products are chemical free, paraben free, sulfate free, Eco-friendly and not tested on animals.
Many of the products we offer are made in Spain by local producers and their main ingredient is first cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil.
Olive oil has moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anti-aging properties, it is a treasure for the skin.

From Ukuya we invite you to visit our store and try our products where you can find handmade soaps for face and body care.
Medicated soaps for specific treatments such as acne, skin blemishes, dandruff, psoriasis, among other conditions.
Soaps for washing clothes, including delicate clothes and baby clothes. Soaps to remove difficult stains.
You will find the authentic Marseille Soap with its seal of authenticity and also its predecessor: Aleppo soap.
You will also find body, facial and hand creams. Lip balms, water-based facial tonics and alcohol-free flowers indicated for sensitive skin, 100% pure and organic vegetable oils, essential oils for aromatherapy, bath bombs and countless natural products to enjoy.

With warm and personalized attention, you can learn about the use and raw material of each of the products in our store, respectful of mother earth and respectful of our body.
Where love, respect for the body and nature find balance.

Contact and Social Info:
Teléfono: +34 613 153 081
Dirección: Calle La Fragata 7, Puerto Marina, Benalmádena (ingresando a la Plaza
por la Pizzería Pinocho).
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Instagram: @ukuya_natural