5 Most Recommended Steak Houses Benalmadena

5 Most Recommended Steak Houses Benalmadena5 Most Recommended Steak Houses Benalmadena

Often, when we are on holiday, many of us look for recommended restaurants, on websites with the best places to eat, guides to local restaurants or just try your luck at the closest one in the area. If you find a holiday rental in Benalmadena, you may fancy a good steak on the barbecue and do not know where to go.

Here’s our selection of steak houses in Benalmadena that will not leave you hungry.

In this post, we give you a list of the five most popular steak houses in Benalmadena. It will serve as a guide and you will avoid disappointments!

Our list of 5 recommended steak houses in Benalmadena are:

1- Steak House Angus. This steak house has Tripadvisor certificate of excellence, it is considered one of the best experiences in the area for the carnivorous. It is ideal for family meals or groups. The meat is tender and tasty, as it is reputation for excellence for the authentic Argentina beef and cooked with imported coal. The harbour views are magical.

2- The Harbour Tex Mex Steak. This steak house is located in Puerto Marina and has a small terrace. The steaks are well served with vegetables; pork ribs, homemade salads and desserts are some of the recommended dishes. They have a fast service.

3- Gringos’s Tex Mex Steak House. This is definitely a good choice if you are looking for a roast beef with a Mexican twist. The harbour views from its terrace are beautiful and the grilled meat is highly recommended. If you want something different, do not hesitate to try this steak house. They offer 2 hours of free parking for customers.

4- The Harbour Tex Mex & Steak. Ideal for braised meat, taste regional dishes, fish and chips, authentic Mexican recipes, pancakes wrapped in banana leaves and culinary delights from other cultures … Come and try this unique corner of Puerto Marina.

5- Amigos Grill. The cuisine focuses on the flavour of Mexico. Here you can taste delicious dishes and tasty grilled meats in the true Mexican style. Their specialties include their Mexican menu, seasoned barbecued ribs, or a maxi grilled steak served with jalapenos and cheese. As a final note, among the desserts is the apple enchilada made ​​from a traditional recipe.

Discover the best steak house in Benalmadena and leave us your opinion!