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Terra Sana Puerto Marina

For the Easter week, we will be open from 10am to 11pm. See you there!

Terra Sana is not only a mark of restaurants, but a way of understanding life. The success of our concept is not only the quality of our products, the service and the environment, but also our business philosophy.

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One of the most decisive factors of initiating this project in such a cosmopolitan area like the Costa del Sol, is where “Spanglish” is the common language and we can draw on a fusion of influences and cultures.


Terra Sana’s roots are the fruit of Mediterranean, oriental, California, Tex-Mex, Cajun, demonstrating that globalisation is not just a concept, but a fact which we took
to the table. Although we think globally, we act locally, focus on local suppliers and purchase our ingredients depending on the season. The main objective of Terra Sana is to enjoy life, stay healthy and take care of our planet, naturally! Therefore, we are delighted to welcome you to our new restaurant located in the heart Benalmádena Marina.

Take a break in the tranquility of this beautiful marina, and watch from our terrace, life go by on the promenade, beside the yachts and boats, while having one of our refreshing smoothies or enjoying a delicious meal, where the wraps and salads are the stars. Also, remember that nobody can offer you a hearty breakfast American style. Besides being able to enjoy our extensive menu, our team will serve exclusive dishes for vegans which can only be found here.

Relaxation & enjoyment is the only standard that prevails at our Terra Sana, where Vanessa will ensure that all your desires are met.
You will be heaven …


By following the American tradition, Terra Sana serves hearty breakfasts all day.

Salads and Wraps
These are the main dishes of a Terra Sana “Express”. Specialising in vegan and vegetarian dishes.

Natural Juices, Smoothies and Lassies
Juices are one of our most distinguishing factors of Terra Sana, having already become the brand that customers know by heart.

Terra Sana are proud to use only the best ingredients in the preparation of our dishes, fresh, healthy and always made with all our love.

At Terra Sana, we are proud of the fact that we only use freshest of ingredients in the preparation of our dishes, fresh, healthy and always made with love.