El Puerto

The restaurant El Puerto is one that stands out for its seafood. It offers its clients a traditional seafood cuisine prepared with fresh and seasonal produce; offering the best fish of the Costa del Sol, some of their specialties are skewered monkfish and prawns, the seafood rice, paella and grilled Seafood. Freshly caught every day, fish and shellfish that come directly from the sea to your table cooked to perfection by our qualified staff. All courses offered are based on the traditional Mediterranean cuisine and always of the highest quality. The atmosphere of this place is one quiet and family with a wide selection of wines and drinks for everyone. Our restaurant is next to the sea where you can enjoy the sounds of the waves while you relax taken his favourite drink and a worthy grilled shrimp. Feel free to visit and remember we idyllic for lunches or dinners for groups / business site.

Tel.: 952 563 420